Second Singapore Border Run

A few weeks ago I did another border run to Singapore.  No need to make a video about it this time – you know the routine.  I did take some pictures along the way that I thought I would share with you.


An interesting assortment of airliners.  Business Air and Nordwind Airlines I’m unfamiliar with.  They are a Thai travel agency that runs charters to Korea and a Russian charter airline, respectively.  Iran Air (third plane back) is one I don’t see very often.  I’m curious what flying them is like.  I’ve long wanted to visit Iran.  It is supposed to be a very beautiful country and despite what the US media publishes, it does have a long and rich history and culture.


Airbus A310 from Pakistan Int’l Airlines – with the “Defender of the Land” slogan on the side.  Airlines from the greater Middle East abound in Bangkok.  In fact, the largest growth segment for Thai tourism is in the Middle East market.  To hear some tell it, it is because they can find in Bangkok the things which are unavailable or illegal in their home countries!


I flew Air Asia and was surprised to see that they are now carrying Krispy Kreme donuts on select flights.  I guess they have stores in Jakarta and Hong Kong, although that doesn’t seem to be enough to supply all their flights.


Air Asia has pretty reasonable buy-on-board food, although it doesn’t win any beauty contests.  Compare the real nasi lemak to that pictured in the magazine.  Where’s the garnish?!


I wasn’t in Singapore long enough to do anything other than run down some issues of Vogue for Tawn along with a book titled “Hue” that he was looking for.  Three bookstores later, I had found British and Australian Vogue but sadly no American Vogue.

Because I arrived after lunch and left for the airport by rush hour, Singapore seemed strangely deserted.  Walking through Clark Quay, above, there just weren’t many people out.  Hello-o-o… anybody home?


Singapore Border Run

It is easy to get caught up in everything else that is going on in life and to start spending less time at the computer.  However, I’ve pulled myself back and have something to share with you.  Last Friday I had to do a border run, fulfilling a requirement of Thai visas that I exit the country every ninety days.  Normally, my travel schedule is such that I don’t have to leave the country just for the purpose of leaving the country.

Deciding to have some fun with it, I made it my project to tell the story of my trip through a short video.  This forced me to pay attention to everything I was doing and think about how to most effectively convey the experience.  After editing and viewing it, I must say that I’m pretty proud of it.  My best video to date!  I hope you enjoy it.