This page contains links to entries about my travel experiences in Taiwan.

Areas to stay

While I have visited Taipei a number of times, my understanding of the different neighborhoods is somewhat limited. Here are some of my notes on my experiences:

  • The Da’an neighborhood is especially upscale and offers many large departments stores and malls, as well as interesting neighborhood sights. There is plenty of good eating in this neighborhood.
  • The Ximen neighborhood features lots of smaller shopping, boutiques, and a pedestrian-only shopping district. The concentration of gay pubs is also here, near the red fort.
  • The Jhongshan neighborhood to the north of the downtown airport has lots of malls, entertainment centers, and office parks. It also features the Dajia and Meidi riverside parks, which offer a beautiful place to ride your bike, walk, or jog.

Food and Sights

P1260748Dining in Taipei: Kiki Restaurant
This most recent trip to Taipei marked my third time dining at Kiki Restaurant. Kiki Restaurant serves very good Szechuan-inspired food in a pleasant setting with attentive service. Read more…

P1260733Dining in Taipei: Boîte de Bijou
I visited a cute little patisserie on AnHe Road in the Da’An district, just across the street from Far Eastern Plaza mall. The first visit was fantastic. The second visit was a disaster. Read more…

imageTong Hua Night Market in Da’an District

The best way to experience Taipei is to visit one of the many night markets. There you will find all many of things to buy and, most importantly, to eat! Here is my experience searching for the perfect Gua Bao at the Tong Hua market. Read more…