Singapore Border Run

It is easy to get caught up in everything else that is going on in life and to start spending less time at the computer.  However, I’ve pulled myself back and have something to share with you.  Last Friday I had to do a border run, fulfilling a requirement of Thai visas that I exit the country every ninety days.  Normally, my travel schedule is such that I don’t have to leave the country just for the purpose of leaving the country.

Deciding to have some fun with it, I made it my project to tell the story of my trip through a short video.  This forced me to pay attention to everything I was doing and think about how to most effectively convey the experience.  After editing and viewing it, I must say that I’m pretty proud of it.  My best video to date!  I hope you enjoy it.


0 thoughts on “Singapore Border Run

  1. At first glance, I thought that’s the hotel room. The wall panels and curtains look so nice, tailor made. I hope someday, the Thai government will abandon this border run rule. Cool video, by the way. LOL

  2. Great video – I always enjoy them. You could probably start a part time job doing that. I could watch airport scenes, take off and landings all day long. Hmm…where’s Tawn?

  3. @vsan79 – That IS a work visa!  =D  Thailand doesn’t recognize same-sex relationships so no marriage visa.  Plus, marriage visas for foreigners marrying Thais are very restrictive.@yang1815 – Six days too late.  Bad planning on my part.@murisopsis – Thank you.  Tried to hold it steady as I could and then didn’t use footage that was too bouncy.@ElusiveWords – Tawn was at work.  I was only there for a few hours so there was no point to drag him along.  Yes, I could watch the airplane footage all… day… long.@CurryPuffy – Thank you.  Yes, I hope they rethink their foreigner unfriendly rules.  My chiropractor, with whom I was speaking today, seems to think it will open up in the next few years.

  4. as always very good video Chris. How was it that you were able to take the video during the flight and at the time of landing? Did the airlines security not mind it? It was so nostalgic and beautiful to hear the koyel from your bed room window, as you got out of bed to get ready for your journey.

  5. @murisopsis – Val, in one of my poems, several months ago, I had written about the song of the koyel and you had asked what that was. In this video that Chris has posted you can hear it very clearly, as Chris gets out of bed to get ready for his journey. The beautiful sound in the back ground is that of koyel.

  6. @ZSA_MD – Oh, is that what the bird is called?  Tawn tells me that they are more common in the late afternoon.  Thais hear the sound as the bird telling them it is time to come in from the fields.@ZSA_MD – They only forbid the picture taking if they see it.  But once they sit down in their seats, it is okay to pull the camera out.

  7. I loved the video! It felt like watching a travel documentary on the travel channel :DAnd I would have been freaking out if I was on that plane, especially since I have a big fear of heights.

  8. nice video clip..just as others have said, it likes a mini travel document on the cable….and the those passengers on your flight to SIN were aldy quite behave..

  9. Fantastic video, Chris! Love to keep up with your adventures and also with what life is like in the Big Mango these days. I haven’t lived there in over 20 years or been back for a visit since 1999, so keeping up with your blog is like a little taste of being back in Thailand. Cheerio, Rob Robinson

  10. Watching your video sent me back to our SCU editing days! If only editing was as easy as it is today I wouldn’t have sucked so much back then. Haha! I found myself looking at your shots, thinking about how you were holding your camera, how weird you felt walking back into your apartment again after setting the camera inside, and the funny shot was of the lift coming down. I was wondering who you had holding it, waiting for you to come down, but then you cut to yourself in the lift, I knew what your thought process was of doing that. I feel like such a nerd all of a sudden. Sigh, if only I had the time and no kids to do such interesting things again!

  11. @Rm2046 –  Oh, dear. Remind me not to fly with you. =D@agmhkg –  Glad you enjoyed it.@DCRobbie –  Thanks for the comments, Rob. There are several people who follow my blog who, like yourself, are former residents here. I try to keep that in mind when I’m out and about and include some topics that would be of interest for you.

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