Second Singapore Border Run

A few weeks ago I did another border run to Singapore.  No need to make a video about it this time – you know the routine.  I did take some pictures along the way that I thought I would share with you.


An interesting assortment of airliners.  Business Air and Nordwind Airlines I’m unfamiliar with.  They are a Thai travel agency that runs charters to Korea and a Russian charter airline, respectively.  Iran Air (third plane back) is one I don’t see very often.  I’m curious what flying them is like.  I’ve long wanted to visit Iran.  It is supposed to be a very beautiful country and despite what the US media publishes, it does have a long and rich history and culture.


Airbus A310 from Pakistan Int’l Airlines – with the “Defender of the Land” slogan on the side.  Airlines from the greater Middle East abound in Bangkok.  In fact, the largest growth segment for Thai tourism is in the Middle East market.  To hear some tell it, it is because they can find in Bangkok the things which are unavailable or illegal in their home countries!


I flew Air Asia and was surprised to see that they are now carrying Krispy Kreme donuts on select flights.  I guess they have stores in Jakarta and Hong Kong, although that doesn’t seem to be enough to supply all their flights.


Air Asia has pretty reasonable buy-on-board food, although it doesn’t win any beauty contests.  Compare the real nasi lemak to that pictured in the magazine.  Where’s the garnish?!


I wasn’t in Singapore long enough to do anything other than run down some issues of Vogue for Tawn along with a book titled “Hue” that he was looking for.  Three bookstores later, I had found British and Australian Vogue but sadly no American Vogue.

Because I arrived after lunch and left for the airport by rush hour, Singapore seemed strangely deserted.  Walking through Clark Quay, above, there just weren’t many people out.  Hello-o-o… anybody home?


0 thoughts on “Second Singapore Border Run

  1. @arenadi –  Prices range a great deal but if you’re flexible with flight times and book a bit in advance you can find a r/t for about $100 on Air Asia, Jetstar, Tiger Air or one of the other low cost carriers. Flight time about 2:30 including taxi and takeoff. If Tawn had a little more flexibility we’d be jetting away most every weekend!@yang1815 –  I think they put it together upside down. The toppings were under the rice.@Wangium –  I haven’t done buy on board on a US airline in many years but, yes, it is quite a bit better. Plus, I can order the food in advance on the internet so I’m guaranteed to have the dish I want.@Dezinerdreams –  Let’s plan a trip. I hear they really like gay people there.@CurryPuffy –  Complimentary? On Air Asia? Nothing is complimentary on that airline.

  2. It’s always interesting looking at the airlines that I’m not familiar with. I remember the first time I was on the west coast, I saw Alaskan Airlines! I hated American Airlines – it was so boring (I think they skimped on the paint to save gas by reducing the weight of the aircraft). I still have a soft spot for the ol’ Pan Am logo.

  3. @christao408 – Wow I had no idea you were so far from Singapore. Count it as my ignorance of local geography, but I would have thought you were just a hop skip and jump away — maybe 1 hour at the most!

  4. @ElusiveWords – Pan Am is a classic and always will be.  American has used a silver pain scheme pretty much as long as it has existed.  I’m not sure how much of a weight savings there is as I’ve been told they still have to “paint” the aluminum skin with a clear coat to protect it.  May or may not be true.@arenadi – Well, if we were all the way at the southern tip of Thailand – Hat Yai, for example – then we would be just an hour or so away.  But unlike life in the US, where two hours seems like a long trip, lots of people here do weekend trips to destinations two, three hours away.

  5. There’s a lot more rice and a lot less “stuff” in your real nasi lemak LOL!  That’s why I like Japan.  The food looks exactly like the plastic food displayed in the window.

  6. I would love to visit Iran also Chris. Our close friends ( Iranians ) who live here, have asked us to wait another year or so, just so the unrest and the public turmoil is lessened.

  7. clark quay gets crowded only AFTER office hours. that means after 6pm, especially on fridays and saturdays. you’ll see tons of expatriates by the many bars and restaurants of clark quay. the next time you’re in singapore, it pays to wait till a little later before going there. if you’re looking for crowd during the day time, my recommendation is stick to the orchard road district.

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