Dead? Just Paint it Green

Every so often I see things that just make me laugh.  Well, scratch my head and laugh at the same time.  That’s why I have my camera with me nearly everywhere I go.  The spray-painted dead palm tree is just such a thing.


Siam Paragon is one of our largest, most glitzy malls.  Located right next to the central transfer station of the Skytrain rail system, it enjoys a prominence that other malls’ marketing directors must envy.  Knowing that appearances are so very important in cases like this, I was a bit shocked to see that one of the palm trees in front of the main entrance appears to have died.

And then I noticed that the other “healthy” green palm tree wasn’t looking so natural.  It, too, was dead and some industrious worker bee from the facilities department had decided to pull out a can of paint and color the dead fronds green!  If only that plan had worked out as intended.


0 thoughts on “Dead? Just Paint it Green

  1. This reminds me of the part in Alice in Wonderland when the cards paints the roses red. Too funny. One would think that maybe they could paint the trees a more realistic shade of green!

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