Xanga Crowdsourcing Matching Offer

Just finished with a fun BlogTalkRadio interview with Alex (aka @Roadlesstaken). You can listen to the podcast by clicking this link. One of the things we talked about is the positive aspects of Xanga. I’m a big believer in this community and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

This is where our fundraising stood as of 9:30 pm Eastern Time, Thursday June 27th – right as the radio show ended. Some people are complaining that a $48 fee to blog on Xanga 2.0 ($0.13 a day!) is too expensive. Now, I’ve already pledged $240 for five, one-year memberships. Even though I’m only working part time, that’s how much I want Xanga to survive.

To help increase contributions to relaunch Xanga, here’s my offer:

For the first five people to send me proof of pledging $48 after 9:30 pm Eastern Time on Thursday June 27th, I will match your pledges with my own additional pledge totaling $240.

Those additional memberships I pledge will be made available, first-come, first-serve for people who feel they cannot otherwise afford to remain on Xanga.

Have you already pledged? Feel free to pledge some more?

Haven’t pledged already? Here’s the chance to double the impact of your pledge!


Let’s relaunch!


Here’s the “fine print” of the details – pardon my lack of experience writing legalese:

  • The intent of this offer is to drive at least $240 in new pledges to the Xanga Relaunch effort.
  • To qualify for the match, you must send me proof of your pledge that was made after 9:30 pm Eastern time on Thursday June 27th.
  • Once I have received five proof of pledges totaling $240, I will make an additional pledge for $240.
  • When Xanga 2.0 successfully launches, I will invite people who feel they cannot afford to pay for the blogging to contact me for a one-year membership. This process will be subject to whatever steps Xanga management sets up for assigning memberships to other people.
  • Any questions? Feel free to send me a message.

Thanks for supporting the Xanga community! #WeAreXanga


Happy Birthday Alex

Alex There are many interesting Xangans out there and Alex (Roadlesstaken) is one of the more creative ones.  He has a lot of subscribers and has worked with them to compile an interesting series of video entries called Xanga Secrets (watch Volume VIII here).

The thing is, Alex is celebrating his birthday on March 1st.  For some reason, he sounds a bit bummed out about turning – gasp! – 24.  I can’t imagine why, seeing as how he isn’t even old enough yet to get a discount on his car insurance. 

Last week he sent out a call asking Xangans to help lift his spirits by giving him a shoutout to help him remember his birthday, seeing as how in his old age he has already forgotten how he spent birthday number 23.

So here it is, Alex, my birthday shout out to you:

Alex's Site

If you would like to help make his birthday memorable, feel free to drop by his site and wish him a happy birthday.  If you think it is a bit of a desperate ploy to grab attention, that’s okay, too.  (Just kidding Alex…)