Happy Birthday Alex

Alex There are many interesting Xangans out there and Alex (Roadlesstaken) is one of the more creative ones.  He has a lot of subscribers and has worked with them to compile an interesting series of video entries called Xanga Secrets (watch Volume VIII here).

The thing is, Alex is celebrating his birthday on March 1st.  For some reason, he sounds a bit bummed out about turning – gasp! – 24.  I can’t imagine why, seeing as how he isn’t even old enough yet to get a discount on his car insurance. 

Last week he sent out a call asking Xangans to help lift his spirits by giving him a shoutout to help him remember his birthday, seeing as how in his old age he has already forgotten how he spent birthday number 23.

So here it is, Alex, my birthday shout out to you:

Alex's Site

If you would like to help make his birthday memorable, feel free to drop by his site and wish him a happy birthday.  If you think it is a bit of a desperate ploy to grab attention, that’s okay, too.  (Just kidding Alex…)

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alex

  1. Haha thank you (for the most part; desperate ploy what?!?) Yeah, my last birthday kinda bummed me out and I really didn’t feel like getting bummed out this year, so I figure why not ask Xanga to help me out. So far, I’m very happy with those I’ve gotten close to on here, including you. Thanks again!

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