Versatile Blogger Award

z223730208 Almost a month ago, Val tagged me in one of her posts, part of a chain called the Versatile Blogger Award. The idea is that you write seven things about yourself. The rules are that you should also thank the award giver, linking to them in your post (done!) and that you should pass the award on to recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading.

Now, I have no idea what makes me so versatile, but what the heck… I’ll play along. Here are seven things about me which you probably don’t know:

  1. My earliest food memory is of making strawberry jam during four-year old preschool. We each had to bring an empty baby food jar from home, then mixed cut strawberries with sugar and maybe some pectin.
  2. Foods that I did not appreciate in my childhood but now enjoy include raw oysters, squid, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, dried coconut, licorice, and liver.
  3. Somewhere during late primary school my mother enrolled me in a year of ballet class. I was also enrolled in a disco dancing class for a period of time, too. This was the 70s.
  4. During senior year in high school I was yearbook co-editor, president of our school chapter of VICA (the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, now known as SkillsUSA), actively involved in German Club, held down a part-time job, dated girls, and won first prize in the county fair for architectural drafting.
  5. I’m a switch hitter. In softball, that is.
  6. Yeas ago, I managed to move into an apartment that was across the street from an ex’s workplace.
  7. I prefer my toothpaste tube to be squeezed neatly from the bottom so it continues to have a nice, full, easy-to-squeeze look.

Now, as to the question of on whom I’d like to bestow the Versatile Blogger award, there are a few people who aren’t necessarily recent finds but whose writing I really enjoy and about whom I’d like to know more. Hopefully, they will feel as honored to receive this award as I did: mizz-chanstepaside-loser, devilzgaysianboy, and icapillas.