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z223730208 Almost a month ago, Val tagged me in one of her posts, part of a chain called the Versatile Blogger Award. The idea is that you write seven things about yourself. The rules are that you should also thank the award giver, linking to them in your post (done!) and that you should pass the award on to recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading.

Now, I have no idea what makes me so versatile, but what the heck… I’ll play along. Here are seven things about me which you probably don’t know:

  1. My earliest food memory is of making strawberry jam during four-year old preschool. We each had to bring an empty baby food jar from home, then mixed cut strawberries with sugar and maybe some pectin.
  2. Foods that I did not appreciate in my childhood but now enjoy include raw oysters, squid, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, dried coconut, licorice, and liver.
  3. Somewhere during late primary school my mother enrolled me in a year of ballet class. I was also enrolled in a disco dancing class for a period of time, too. This was the 70s.
  4. During senior year in high school I was yearbook co-editor, president of our school chapter of VICA (the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, now known as SkillsUSA), actively involved in German Club, held down a part-time job, dated girls, and won first prize in the county fair for architectural drafting.
  5. I’m a switch hitter. In softball, that is.
  6. Yeas ago, I managed to move into an apartment that was across the street from an ex’s workplace.
  7. I prefer my toothpaste tube to be squeezed neatly from the bottom so it continues to have a nice, full, easy-to-squeeze look.

Now, as to the question of on whom I’d like to bestow the Versatile Blogger award, there are a few people who aren’t necessarily recent finds but whose writing I really enjoy and about whom I’d like to know more. Hopefully, they will feel as honored to receive this award as I did: mizz-chanstepaside-loser, devilzgaysianboy, and icapillas.


0 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I liked learning these things about you! 1. Are there any pics of you doing disco as a kid (that you’d be willing to post, that is)? I’d love to see that, lol. 2. I’ve never had raw oysters… do you think they deserve one of their “claims to fame” as aphrodisiacs? 3. Hearing people’s “toothpaste idiosyncrasies” makes me smile. You’re a compelling person, Chris.

  2. I am really honoured to have been tagged, Chris. Thank you! I’ve had a particularly bad night tonight and this brought a spot of happiness.I didn’t know you were so proactive in your school years – you participated in a lot of things. I also can’t believe you dated girls – the pressure to conform to the heterosexual standard must have been much higher then than now?This looks fun

  3. On #3. I should have known you’re a good dancer. I bet you show the same agility, graceful movements and charm on the dance floor as you do in your writing.

  4. How long did you learn to ballet? Do you have pictures of those times? I would love to see you do the ballet. Bet you looked cute as a button!

  5. @ZSA_MD – Ballet lessons were for a single year, concluding with a recital in which several ballet schools took part. Sadly (thankfully!) there are no pictures. @ElusiveWords – I don’t think lessons did anything to improve my grace or dancing skills. That would have required a surgical procedure to replace one of my two left feet.@murisopsis – It would be fine with me if other people in the house squeeze the tube in the middle… if only they would make it pretty afterwards!@stepaside_loser – Glad to hear you are honored, Andrew, and I look forward to your entry. While I’m not entirely sure what it is like for young GLBT people these days, I’d suspect that it is a lot easier for them (relatively, at least) in terms of how much pressure they feel to conform. My dating of girls was definitely a matter of trying to fit in and meet expectations. The one ex-girlfriend with whom I’m still in touch is the one who introduced me to her husband at her wedding banquet as “the one I turned gay.”@Passionflwr86 – Glad you had a laugh, Meg. No disco pics nor ballet pics, sadly. I can’t say whether the aphrodesiac qualities of an oyster are true or not but they taste really good – just like the ocean. 

  6. @ElusiveWords – Well, with 2 left and 2 right feet, we would make quite a pair on the dance floor… LOL  Yes, we were seated at one of the last banquet tables to receive the couple for toasts and she was already pretty… red…. when she made that comment.@Inciteful – Less so than you would think, what with the different experiences.@MyWinningPhoto – Thank *you* for your continued efforts on the site. I don’t get the opportunity to enter photos terribly often but do enjoy the contests.@secade – Maybe it was because I was young or maybe it was because I felt pretty darn embarrassed to be in these dance classes, but I didn’t enjoy them very much.

  7. i think no.7 is the best of all 🙂 to think that i’m the only one who’s anal when it comes to those things. not to say that you’re anal, of course ;p

  8. So it’s funny that I was searching for something on Xanga that I thought would be easy to find and instead stumbled on this. It’s way late, but I’m reading this for the first time so thank you!

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