Starbucks Moon Cakes



What the hell?  Starbucks Mooncakes!?  Reports from Tawn (my husband – already in Khrungthep.  Picture above.) that Starbucks in Thailand is selling mooncakes.  Instead of the usual flower image on the top, there is a Starbucks logo.  The filling?  Instead of traditional bean paste, they have a coffee-flavoured filling.


How does one react to things like this?  Part of me is just aghast: are there no depths of cultural appropriation too deep for Starbucks to sink to?  Another part of me is tickled by the cheeky audacity.  Then I remeember that Starbucks is a major client of my company, and figure maybe I should shut the heck up, eat my mooncake, and smile.


Talk about your conflicted feelings.


I’ve asked Tawn to snap a few photos of one of these culturally cross-pollinated cakes and will post one as soon as it is available.