Handmade Fettuccine 

A few weeks bag, my friend Chow and I cooked dinner at her place. It was the first time in a long while that I made handmade pasta. 

There are many recipes. I opted for Jamie Oliver’s, which is incredibly simple: for each 100 grams of “type 00” flour, add an egg.

After combining the two ingredients, you must knead for a very long while, until the dough takes on a silky texture. This excessive kneading explains why Italin grandmothers have Popeye-like forearms. 


After kneading and a half-hour rest, you roll out the dough. A rolling pin can be used, but a proper pasta roller is quite handy. This process further develops the dough’s texture and makes it sufficiently thin.   
After rolling, you gently fold the dough on itself and hand-slice it to the desired width. 


The final step is to separate the strands and then cook them in boiling, salted water. The uncooked pasta can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator.