Mega Papaya

A year ago I wrote about the mysterious pineapples that appear on our doorstep from time to time, a gift we eventually traced to a neighbor who lives across the courtyard from us.  Yesterday, when returning home, we found a large object wrapped in newspaper sitting on our doorstep, too large to be a pineapple.


What was it?  The largest papaya I’ve ever seen.  Hopefully, we’re going to have a hoard of fruit eaters descending on us soon because I don’t know how we’ll ever finish so much papaya just by ourselves.

Oddly, left with the payapa was the handle of a shovel.  Just the metal handle, not the woden shaft or the blade of the shovel.  Strange, huh?


Free Ride on a Fruit Cart

Nearly everywhere I go in this city, I keep a camera handy.  That’s one reason I don’t have an SLR and instead go with a smaller point and shoot camera: I need to be ready to take a picture the moment one presents itself.

The other evening, walking with my Thai tutor back towards the Asoke Skytrain station, I watched as a fruit vendor rolled past us in the street, his son sitting on the shelf under the cart.  “Oh, he’s selling children and fruit!” my tutor exclaimed.

Allusions to child trafficking aside, it was a pretty funny image.  When he stopped to sell some pineapple to a tourist, I snapped a photo.

The young man hitching a free ride didn’t seem amused.  I wouldn’t be if I was riding around in the bottom of a fruit card, either.  But not a bad deal, if you think about it.  With ice in the display cases, it was cooler than being out on the street, and with dad doing the pushing, you could just enjoy what little breeze there was.

Still, it reminds me that I was fortunate to grow up in better circumstances than this.  I hope the young man finished his studies and has the chance to go to university.