Mega Papaya

A year ago I wrote about the mysterious pineapples that appear on our doorstep from time to time, a gift we eventually traced to a neighbor who lives across the courtyard from us.  Yesterday, when returning home, we found a large object wrapped in newspaper sitting on our doorstep, too large to be a pineapple.


What was it?  The largest papaya I’ve ever seen.  Hopefully, we’re going to have a hoard of fruit eaters descending on us soon because I don’t know how we’ll ever finish so much papaya just by ourselves.

Oddly, left with the payapa was the handle of a shovel.  Just the metal handle, not the woden shaft or the blade of the shovel.  Strange, huh?


0 thoughts on “Mega Papaya

  1. whoa, that is a HUGE papaya! my parents would love it, but i’m actually not a big fan; i have to be in the mood to eat papaya. i’m sure you’ll come up with some creative ways to use it!

  2. Stalked by a fruitarian. Look out, it’ll be kiwis flying through the windows next, and then the monster watermelon!Lovely papaya. It looks like the tropical variety, not the Hawaiian kind.

  3. I suggest freezing part of it for later juicing. Dad and I buy large papayas from south of the border and eat a bit of it each day on our fruit plate. They keep well for quite a long time.

  4. strange indeed. i don’t what is a regular size of papaya in thailand, but that’s a regular size for papaya here in indonesia. i can eat all that within a day.

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