New Carpet Arrival

We’ve been in this condo just over two years and yet the process of decorating and remodeling never quite seems to come to an end.  This past week we received two chairs and a new carpet that Tawn had ordered, changing the living room’s look from this:


To this:


What do I think?  Well, I’m easily satisfied and each new thing seems to be another unnecessary addition to the house.  That’s not the type of feedback Tawn is looking for, though.  I think the chairs are okay, design-wise, although without arms I don’t find them comfortable enough to settle in with a good book.  The color disconnect between the chairs and the sofa is a problem – one or the other needs to change.

The carpet, though, is quite nice.  I’d like to see a little more color in it, but I think the pattern and the larger size makes the space more interesting.

Here’s a 75-second video that shows the whole install process for the carpet in super-fast mode.  Enjoy!