New Carpet Arrival

We’ve been in this condo just over two years and yet the process of decorating and remodeling never quite seems to come to an end.  This past week we received two chairs and a new carpet that Tawn had ordered, changing the living room’s look from this:


To this:


What do I think?  Well, I’m easily satisfied and each new thing seems to be another unnecessary addition to the house.  That’s not the type of feedback Tawn is looking for, though.  I think the chairs are okay, design-wise, although without arms I don’t find them comfortable enough to settle in with a good book.  The color disconnect between the chairs and the sofa is a problem – one or the other needs to change.

The carpet, though, is quite nice.  I’d like to see a little more color in it, but I think the pattern and the larger size makes the space more interesting.

Here’s a 75-second video that shows the whole install process for the carpet in super-fast mode.  Enjoy!

0 thoughts on “New Carpet Arrival

  1. Haha! The video is really funny, especially with the soundtrack. I find the new space really brilliant. I love the carpet- the pattern is interesting and I love the colour scheme. It brings alive the space. I don’t see any colour disconnect between the chair and the sofa. Overall, I think it compliments each other and gives a nice contrast- especially with regard to how it balances the whole space in general without letting anything distract from the beautiful table which is the focal point of attention. If you change them to the same colour scheme, the space will end up looking dull (if you retain the couch) or uncomfortably bright (if you go with the chair). My opinion is of course based on the colours as perceived in this particular lighting for the photo, sometimes the colours are very different in reality. So, you definitely would know better.

  2. Wow…don’t let Dezinerdreams EVER see photo’s of my house…lol he would NOT be impressed!!! I like the whole new look, but I am with you, the side chairs wouldn’t be enticing to settle in and read or watch tv. I would love one of those big oversized chairs and ottomons…now THAT would be a good reading chair!!!

  3. Nice background music, sounds like a love song to me though. I like the carpet which adds some pattern to the overall living space and the color seems to resist stains too! Good choice of the chairs too. Well done! I wonder how much the whole update cost?

  4. I just can’t figure out how you keep it so clean….The pattern is a bit too busy for my liking but it seems to work in that space. The colour of the curtain by the door matches it. If you want more colours in the room, use different coloured cushions, something that will pick up on the color of the carpet. One other thing, it might be a bit tight getting to the balcony door. So be careful when you’re carrying a tray of food or drinks.

  5. Overall effect is pleasing to the eye. Hope you don’t over analyze it and end up unhappy… I’m a fan of the coffee table and the rug – the lighter colors make the table stand out.

  6. Looks great, although I can see what you mean with the chairs. I think I’d feel very odd in that chair. My chairs have large arms and are oversized in general.

  7. I love the chairs. I would, however, move things away from each other a bit. It seemed that all of the furniture was crowded into a corner. Can the chairs be moved out a bit? the round table by the window was buried. Dick thinks all you need is about another 1000 square feet. heh heh heh

  8. Grandma and I like the chairs, although they aren’t “curling up with a good book” chairs. Several people said they liked the table. I’m not certain what you could do with it, but I think the black finish causes the table to be absorbed into the carpet, losing its distinctiveness. I do agree with Sandy that a little more space between pieces would create a more visual spaciousness. It’s so easy to have too much furniture in a space as many of us know.

  9. i liked the salmon colored carpet and the couch. The new carpet looks busy ( albeit beautiful ), and gives the room a somber and formal look. It seems to shrink the room somewhat. That’s my two cents worth.

  10. personally, i think i like the hardwood floors more…i think the space looks more open and more inviting…although i bet the carpet feels great on your toes =)

  11. @Redlegsix – Yeah, he’s got a sharp eye but is still a nice guy.  =)@CurryPuffy – Surprisingly little.  We have contacts at both the carpet factory and the chair and sofa factory so bought directly from them, having everything custom designed and built without any middlemen.@yang1815 – I guess I’ll need to buy a Laz-y-boy and hide it away somewhere for my comfortable book reading!@Dezinerdreams – Oh, it might be a bunch of crap Vivek, but you delivered it with such authority!  =D@ElusiveWords – Tawn goes through and compulsively tidies the space each night.  I’m not allowed to have any mess in the living room.  Or the bedroom.  Or the dining room.  Or the kitchen.  That’s what the Annex is for.  Kind of…  As for the space by the sliding glass door, there is a bit more of it than appears in the picture.  The angle is deceptive.  I will be careful when setting up afternoon tea on the balcony, though, lest I spill.@murisopsis – Oh, I won’t over-analyze it.  I’ll leave that to Tawn!  LOL@brooklyn2028 – The coffee table is really nice, yes.  Thanks for saying that.  I’m sure Tawn will be happy to hear.@TheLatinObserver – Yes, it does have a good effect on the sense of space, doesn’t it?@M_1 – We’re both big hardwood floor fans but at some point there needs to be something to define the space a bit.  That’s where the carpets come into play.  The photo doesn’t do it justice but there’s still a ton of bare hardwood floor throughout the rest of the place.@ZSA_MD – Interesting, divergent views on the carpet.  And to think I was advocating a busy Persian carpet!  The color on the couch is actually tan.  The picture doesn’t represent the color very accurately.@jandsschultz – The table is actually a deep walnut so in person it doesn’t appear quite as dark as it did in the picture.@jandsschultz – @stebow – I agree with both of you that a more open arrangement would be better.  I’m going to push for a trial of that layout.  1000 more square feet?  I’m sure Tawn could figure out what to do with it.@arenadi – I really love the large leather armchairs and “club” (as in men’s cigar club, not nightclub) look.  This conflicts 100% with what Tawn was striving for so we’ll have to wait until the day when I have a ski lodge or something to decorate it fully in my taste.

  12. Chris-I am an Interior Designer (Well, I’m a full-time art history grad student right now but I have a BA in I.D. and have worked in the field).  I agree with you, everything works but the chairs.  Love the new carpet too.  It is nice to see homeowners that are not afraid to mix contemporary elements and designs (geometric pattern of the carpet) with traditional furnishings.  Those chairs are really more suited for a bedroom though.  Armless Chairs are intended to perform a quick function, such as sitting to put your shoes on or simply for asthetic purposes, not for comfort.  I can see why you or your partner selected them though, they are elegant.  They would work better in a bedroom or against a wall in your entryway (if you have room) accompanied by a small table in between and a lamp.  Here are a few tips:I’m not sure why your large table in the back is covered with cloth?  If it is wood, show it off, don’t hide it.  You can blend all different types of wood and colors of wood in one room-often people think they have to have all matching wood tables and furniture-not true.  Various woods can create a visually pleasing room. Loose the cloth.  Either way, I think it is too large for your small space and could be relocated to an entirely different area of your condo.  It looks like your living room space is small and I know arrangement of furniture can be difficult in small spaces, but it appears you are possibly blocking a walkway to your patio?  I can’t tell from the picture if this is just a window or a sliding glass door?  Maybe you have another entrance to it at a different location?  If not, try rearranging your furniture to take advantage of the views out the window with the couch off the back wall/windows and eliminate a chair or place both chairs side by side with a small table (maybe one of your white tables) in between them.  Homeowners always tend to think big furniture (couches) need to be against walls and I am always telling people, “FREE your couch!”  It actually makes a bigger statement if it is out in the room. Of course your space may not allow for it, so if you have tried it and you can’t get around the furniture, than X-NA that suggestion.   Great coffee table, it really does bring out the rich, coffee color in the carpet pattern, although a glass coffee table would look great too. . .the pattern in the carpet would show nicely through it and it would add another contemporary element to the room.  You definately need more lighting.  Rooms ideally should have three types of lighting: broad overhead or down lighting (ceiling light), task lighting (looks like you have this with your floor lamp), and up lighting.  Up lighting can make a room.  It creates intimacy and boldness at the same time.  Try elimating that table in the back corner and replacing it with a tall plant (real or fake) and then finding an up lighting floor fixture (same lights used outdoors, usually has swivel head) and placing it in the corner behind the plant.   I hope some of that helps?  Message me if you have any questions or need other suggestions! Jill

  13. the new look is beautiful!my family has a white leather couch, and i might just see how a rug like yours will fit with our current look.tawn has great taste! @Art4ArtSake –  i think i’ll refer back to your comment when i’m thinking of what furniture to buy – your advice sounds great!it seems like everyone has a good eye. i’m gay, where’s my good eye? 😛

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