An Auspicious Sign?

Leaving my Thai lesson early Monday evening, Khru Kitiya (my tutor) and I noticed a smiling face low on the western horizon: the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the moon. 


Here in Thailand, text messages were being sent between people almost as fast as rumors of a coup.  “Look in the sky!  Look in the sky!” Tawn’s father called and told him.  Many said – and the newspaper captions Tuesday morning accompanying pictures of the event agreed – that perhaps this was an auspicious sign pointing to a bloodless end to Thailand’s political difficulties.

This pairing of the two planets will happen again in February 2010, but will be too close to the sun to see.  According to National Geographic, some historians think that a similar conjunction between the planets in 2 B.C. may have been the source of the “Star of Bethlehem” in the Bible.  The pair of stars would have been so close together, they may have appeared as a single source of light.

My father is a moon-watcher.  For as long as I can remember, he’s written the full moons on his calendar and knows the names of the different moons.  When my oldest niece, Emily, was just a few years old he would show her the full moons.  Now she is a moon-watcher, too.

Let’s hope that this conjunction is an auspicious sign.