Two More Trip Reports

Busy weekend – mostly spent finishing up my final two trip reports from the July trip to Bangkok.


Part 4 of 5 covers the THAI Airways International flight from Bangkok to Tokyo Narita and feature exciting people like Paul and Aori (below) and Tawn (left).


The fifth and final leg of the trip – Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles, features the world’s best airline: Singapore.  The trip report includes details on some of the amazing customer service they provided.




This evening – once I get this bloody project completed – I’m heading over to Jenn and Kevin’s (Sister and Brother-in-Law) to grill a couple of tri-tip roasts and some double-cut pork chops.  Tri-tips have been marinating in a Santa Maria rub for 24 hours.  The pork chops in a homemade teriyaki marinade.  Yum… 

Trip Report on Asiana First Class

Stormy weather in Kansas City – last night and tonight we’ve had really severe thunderstorms, unlike anything I ever saw in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I think it is really neat, especially since we’re getting rain that my garden really needs.  Unfortunately, it is coming down so torrentially that it just runs into the storm drains instead of really soaking in.


I had an incredibly productive week at work.  Perhaps because my reporting structure was changed recently and I’m reporting back into my boss of several years instead of the manager I had for the past 9 months.  It is now a much better reporting relationship!


This evening I finished the second of my five-part Bangkok trip report on  Feel free to visit and see more pictures of airplane meals – this time on Asiana in First Class.



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