New Notes and Photos

One of the wonderful things about this little community on Xanga is how it connects you to creative and interesting people both inside and outside the community.

Evan wrote a recent entry in which he linked to photographer Phillip Toledano’s online slideshow titled Days with My Father.  Following his mother’s death, Toledano cared for his father, who had no short-term memory.  The three years they spent together are beautifully captured through his photos and words.

Phillip Toledano Day With My Father.jpg

When you click on the link, it will take a few moments for all the thumbnails to load.  Click on the upper left thumbnail to begin and then navigate through the slideshow by clicking at the bottom of each page when you are ready to advance.  The navigation took me a few moments to figure out but it is worth it.

Locus Ambrosia.jpg Another Xangan, Jason, is part of the Vancouver BC-based band Locus.  They just released their first album, Ambrosia. 

Described as “dream pop” their music is a combination of electronic, ambient and industrial rock.  Listen to their beautiful songs for free on MySpace.  You can download the album from iTunes by searching for “Locus Ambrosia”.

Add to this the many talented poets on Xanga and we have a very creative tribe here.