Food in HK – Sushi One

Ah, Hong Kong!  I lived here in 1998-99 and ever since it has been one of my favorite cities.  It has the cosmopolitan nature of New York, the civilized infrastructure of a former British colony, the good food of anywhere with a large Chinese population, and the awesome views thanks to the close proximity of hills and harbour.  Whenever I’m back in Hong Kong, I feel like I’m back home.


With all the good Chinese food here in Hong Kong, it might seem a little strange to begin my food entries with a sushi restaurant, Sushi One.  This place was not only near our hotel but it was also well-reviewed.  To top it off, it was open late and offers 50% off the sushi after 10:00 pm.


Sushi One has several locations throughout Hong Kong.  We chose the location on Cameron Road (near Chatham Road) in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Sushi One Map


There is a row of fish tanks along one wall with a series of small tables surrounding the sushi bar in the center of the room.  A conveyor system was in place but pretty much everyone was eating sushi to order.  We found the sushi to be of high quality with fresh flavors and good attention to presentation detail.  Plus, with the half-off discount on the sushi (although not on appetizers and other plates) our total bill was about HK$170 – about US$23.  Not too bad.


Seared crab stick with uni – sea urchin roe.  They did several seared dishes, which adds a nice flavor and texture contrast.


Smoked duck breast.


Left: Salmon and mango roll; Right: Salmon salad gunkan maki


Japanese pumpkin and sweet potato tempura


Left: Eel handroll; Center: Soft shell crab handroll; Right: Spicy tuna handroll


Seared salmon


Left: Seared Hamachi; Right: Inari – sushi rice wrapped with tofu skin.


A nighttime shot of the venerable Peninsula Hotel facing the Hong Kong harbour.