How About this for Tawn’s New Car?

We’re driving a Nissan Cefiro, what in the US was basically the Infiniti I30, which is approaching a dozen years old.  While it has held up pretty well other than a few cosmetic scrapes and scratches, it is starting to show its age and has required more frequent visits to the mechanic for various small problems.  The signs are clear: sometime in the next two years or so it will be time to buy a car.

Of course, major purchases are often the source of potential conflicts in a relationship.  Different styles, different expectations, different buying habits, etc. all influence what each person thinks is the right purchase.  So over the next few months as we start the process of thinking about what car might be the right fit for us, I’ll share our thoughts on the blog.  That way you can get some insight into how we think about these things.

Tawn’s expressed his interest in a “statement” car, something that reflects his personality and sense of style.  Of course, you might correctly imagine that I’m looking at things from a much more practical perspective.  But let’s not delve into those depths quite yet.  Let’s just keep things fun.


A few weeks back we were at the local car wash and there was this convertible for sale.  It is a Sunbeam Alpine Series IV, a beautiful British car from the mid-1960s.  If there was anything that would work for Tawn, this would be it – except for the fact that it is a convertible and Tawn is not a fan of the sun!

What do you think?  Could you see us driving amongst the rice paddies of central Thailand in this?  The red color would certainly look nice against the lush green of the paddies!  Of course, the reality is we’d be sitting stuck in traffic in Bangkok, breathing the fumes.