Scooting Along in Spandex

Few of us have bodyfat percentages in the low single digits, ripped abs, and toned glutes that look even better in spandex than they do naked.  So believe me when I say this entry isn’t intended to poke fun at someone who is a bit flabby in the nether regions.  It is about something that is wrong, something I saw as I was walking down the street Sunday morning.  Wrong in terms of “that’s not how a foreigner should be dressing in Bangkok.”

As I was walking from the Skytrain station towards Sukhumvit Soi 2, a farang (westerner) woman went zipping by me on a microscooter – you know, one of those skateboard-like vehicles with a tall handle.  My first thought was, oh, what an interesting way to get around.  When I noticed what she was wearing I quickly reached for my camera.  It’s a bit hard to see the scooter as she’s blocking it, but I think this picture tells the story pretty fully:


What’s wrong here?  As evidenced by the glances the woman is getting from the Thai women, what’s she’s wearing isn’t really… street-appropriate, shall we say.  Unless you are a street walker, which I assume she’s not.  Much too sheer and revealing for running out and about on a Sunday morning in Bangkok.  Even if she was on the way to the gym (she stopped at the Starbucks around the corner, if you must know), some cover-up is called for.  This isn’t the type of culture that goes for bare shoulders and revealing, tight-fitting outfits.

Enough said.