On the Ice in Bangkok

Near the end of school break (which runs from March to mid-May in Thailand), Tawn’s cousin Pheung got it into her mind that I would be a good person to teach her son Mark to ice skate. I guess the logic was that since I come from a country that has snow and ice, I must be well-suited for such instruction. Of course, I come from sunny California, but that didn’t stop me from agreeing to a skating date.


There are several ice rinks in Bangkok, the newest of which is a regulation size rink called Sub Zero at Central Plaza Rama 9. We showed up for the mid-afternoon session, which runs for two hours. While I’ve probably skated no more than a half-dozen times in my life, I knew enough to explain to Mark and Tawn that you need to keep your legs close together and your feet parallel to the floor. Sadly, that was the sum total of my ice skating knowledge.


Mark was pretty insistent on getting up without any help each time he fell. It took him a while to learn that you can’t get up from your butt without turning over onto your knees first. Otherwise, your feet just keep sliding out from under you!

We had a fun few hours going in circles, although by the end my feet hurt. I guess if I do this only once every half-dozen years or so, that’s okay.