Horses on the Expressway


Saturday I had to drive twice to the old city to visit a store that sells door locks.  This particular store because they are the only place that sells the particular knobs and locks we have on our doors.  Two visits because I didn’t bring everything I needed the first time to get the right replacement part.  While driving on the expressway into the old city, I saw what appeared to be a horse’s head sticking out of a truck a hundred meters or so in front of me.


As traffic thickened on the expressway, I pulled up alongside the truck and found it carrying four horses.  Based on the police truck providing an escort, I concluded that these horses are part of the Royal Thai Police force’s mounted division.  The police are using mounted units to patrol Sanam Luang, the 30-acre ceremonial field near the Grand Palace that reopened a few weeks ago after a year-long, US$6 million renovation.  Interestingly, the first question that crossed my mind was, did the horses get loaded in alternating colors randomly or intentionally?