Tractor Pull Bachelor Party

It is Friday morning.  A loud thunderstorm passed through at 4:00, waking us up in our room at the Days Inn.  We will head to the courthouse in three hours.  Last night was our defacto bachelor party.  We drove up to Council Bluffs in the morning with my sister, brother-in-law and nieces.  My parents arrived mid afternoon and we picked Lilian and Anita up at the airport before dinner.

Dinner was at La Mesa Mexican Restaurant, whose hearty portions deserve an entry of their own. 


Three generations of the family: my mother, sister and nieces.


Lilian and Anita join us at dinner.

After dinner, Anita, Lilian, Tawn and I drove to the Cass County Fair (about 18 miles south of Omaha), an idyllic fair with games, rides, cotton candy and a tractor pull.  We met up with Andy and Sugi, enjoyed some Bud Light, and watched souped-up tractors pull a weight-carrying sled as far as they could down the field.


It was lots of fun and I have some loud video to share with you later.  Stay tuned.

Well, time to shower, shave and get ready to get married.