Are you my first cousin once removed or my second cousin?

The family reunion’s first full day went very well.  We had about fifty people in town and started with a reception in the afternoon at the church, a chance for everyone to visit.  It is kind of funny that when I’m at these events with extended family, I’m sometimes confused with my brother-in-law, who also has a goatee.  If I’m standing near my sister and nieces, people will come up and say, “Hi, Kevin!” 

Usually, I just play along.  The next day, one of my great-uncles came back up and complimented me on being such a gentleman and not correcting him.  I guess someone else corrected him.

After the reception, we gathered in the church sanctuary for photos.  This is always a fun process.  Several family members also had their cameras so I was able to quickly capture images without having to take any on my own.  How convenient is that?


My grandparents with all of my cousins, minus two who weren’t there.  I’m the oldest of the bunch.


One side of the cousins – Bradley, Kelly, Kari, and Silvia.  Brad and Silvia live in New York City and we visited them there in March.


The great-grandchildren, Tommy, Emily, and Ava.


The entire extended family.  I won’t give you the names and relationships of everyone because you probably don’t want quite that much information.  But, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t always clear on those details.  This led to a conversation with some of my cousins, trying to understand the difference between first, second, and third cousins, and relatives “once removed”, “twice removed”, etc.

So we googled it.  And it turns out Wikipedia has a very useful article and a great graphic.


So you if you were confused, now you know the difference between them.  More later…