Food in Hong Kong: Jin Luo Bao

While in Hong Kong recently for four days, I spent most of my time visiting with friends.  Interestingly, I didn’t revisit many of the restaurants from my last trip there, which was a watershed trip in terms of food quality.  Instead, I tried some new places.  First stop was Jin Luo Bao, a Korean restaurant in Causeway Bay located in the building behind the Sogo department store.

Assorted kim chi, pickled vegetables.  Did you know there is a shortage of Napa cabbage in Korean right now, driving the prices higher than the price of meat?

A stir fried dish with a moderately spicy sauce.  The tubes are made of rice, basically like mochi.  Very tasty and fun to eat.

Bi bim bap – rice, meat, and garnishings in a super heated stone bowl.  Add chili sauce and stir as the heat from the bowl finishes cooking the meat.

I always enjoy Korean food and had a fun time catching up with my university friend Tehlin, who graciously (and unnecessarily) paid for lunch.

More soon.  For a complete listing of my Hong Kong recommendations, visit my Google Map.