Two New Blogrings

How useful do you find blogrings?  Over the past four-plus years, I’ve met a lot of people with similar interests that way.  From Foreign Film Buffs to I’m Addicted to NPR to Confessions of a Foodie, I’ve found blogrings to be a fun way to meet other Xangans.

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One Xangan whom I recently met, Amanda, is new to Xanga.  After years of blogging on other services and being frustrated with the attitudes and manners of people she met there, she decided to come to Xanga.  Commenting on one of her first posts, I shared the names of several fellow Xangans whose writing I really enjoy.  I also told her that one of my favorite things about Xanga is the sense of connection and community that I’ve found here.

In order to connect with more people, Amanda decided to start two blogrings.  The first one is called AAA Blogring for Newcomers.  While designed as a place for new Xangans to meet other new Xangans, you certainly don’t have to be new to Xanga to join.  (Heck, I’m a member of Thai People and I’m not Thai!) 

Her second blogring is called UK 50+.  Targeting bloggers of a certain age who live in the United Kingdom, of course everyone is welcome.  If you are wise beyond your years, a speaker of the Queen’s English, or simply think that cookies should be called biscuits (sorry, stereotypes…) you will fit in at the UK 50+ blogring very nicely!

I’ve joined both blogrings and invite you to join them, too.