Dreams of Dancing


There was a lad of twenty months,
He’d barely learned to walk.
He loved to watch the dancers
As they tango’d and fox-trot’d.

He felt the music in his heart.
His body knew the tune.
He couldn’t wait until the day
That he’d dance round the room.

And he’d go dancing,
He’d go dancing.

So many dreams start out so young,
So few will follow through.
They’ll fall aside and leave our eye
Before we’re fully grew.

But no matter what grand dreams we have,
They’re ours to go explore.
If we follow them we’ll be full grin
As we whirl around the floor.

And we’ll go dancing,
We’ll go dancing.

Inspired by our friend’s twenty-month old son J.J. who was mesmerized by the dancers at his mother’s birthday party.  Set to the song “Marilyn Monroe” from the musical “Blood Brothers” by Willy Russell, which we saw performed this weekend by Bangkok Community Theatre.  Here’s a picture of J.J. with his mother and Uncle Tawn.