Okay, I said I would write less, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t write at all.  We’re in San Francisco today, a damp and drizzly San Francisco that has me reconsidering why in the world I bother to come back to the US at all.  We’re having fun, though.  This evening we had dinner with Jason and Giuseppe, a very pleasant chance to meet another Xangan with whom I’ve corresponded for a few years and his partner in person.  In truth, Tawn and Giuseppe have met before, years ago at a volunteer training for the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center in SF.  And now they’ve met again.

No pictures of the dinner, though.  You’ll just have to imagine it.  (Matt – Jason really is six feet tall!)

The main purpose for us being in SF was for the opening night of the SF Int’l Asian American Film Festival.  Our friend Chi-hui Yang, the director of the festival, is leaving after ten years there.  I worked with the festival for many years and so this particular gala was like a family reunion – all the people who have worked with Chi-hui over the years, all back together again.


Mabel Chung, who started as a volunteer and eventually took over my operations role, myself, festival director Chi-hui Yang, and Tawn at the Asian Art Museum.


We also ran into Taro Goto, another festival alum who is now living in Tokyo.  Last April we were there for a visit and he graciously spent several days showing us around.

Chrome Kursk

Today, I got some shopping in, buying two pairs of Chrome shoes.  I’ve wanted some very sneakerish sneakers and Sion recommended these.  Durable construction, comfortable fit.  Stylish look.  Maybe I should buy one more before I leave San Francisco.


We entered the United States in Los Angeles, taking separate flights and arriving just a few minutes apart.  After a long wait to clear customs we met my cousins for dinner, our first opportunity to meet their new son, Thomas James.

So far we’re still suffering from some jet lag, but I’m sure over the next few days we’ll get adjusted.  Hope everyone on Xanga is doing well.