Flight to Los Angeles

The flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles (and then on to Kansas City) was smooth, thankfully.  I flew EVA Air, a Taiwanese airline that I fly regularly.  Service was good, prices competitive, and the food actually was pretty tasty, too.


Since I fly back to the US about twice a year, I qualify for “silver” status in their mileage program.  One thing I like about EVA, something that sets it apart from most airlines, is that silver tier status gives you lounge access.  When having to show up to the airport so many hours in advance and having long connection times, having access to a lounge is nice.  The picture above is the one in Bangkok, which is by far the nicest of the EVA lounges that I’ve seen.


Good selection of food in the lounge, including this gaeng kiaw waan gai – sweet green chicken curry with rice.  Really tasty!


In Taipei I had a four-hour connection and had some time to look at a display they have celebrating Taiwanese ceramic arts.


This piece is called Skeletal Bottle, by New Zealander Peter Collis.  Beautiful, no?


Beautiful serving bowls.  Wish I could have bought one.


They have three pieces, one unglazed, one with the decoration partially painted, and a finished piece that has been glazed and fired.


On my flight from Taipei to Los Angeles I had booked economy class, which on EVA’s 747 includes seating in the upper deck.  The seats up here have about 35 inches of pitch, versus 33 inches downstairs.  Compare that to 31 inches in economy class on most US and western airlines.  I asked for an exit row seat and got the “window” seat right next to the exit door.  Great legroom but no window.  Plus, there is a little “exit’ sign that was right above the armrest, and kind of restricted where I could put my arm.  Probably should have just stuck with the aisle seat I had a few rows forward.

Not complaining, though.  The seat was pretty comfortable, I was able to sleep about five hours on the eleven hour flight, and the selection of films was good.