Caring for Aging Parents

Buddha taught that life is a cycle of birth, aging, sickness, and death.  Many of us are at a point in our lives where we are becoming aware of the aging of our parents.   and I have reached that point.  As we live further apart and don’t see each other as often, each visit makes the signs of aging a bit more noticeable.  Many of us watch our parents help their own parents in their twilight years and wonder how easy or difficult that process will be when we (and our parents) have reached those respective ages.

While my parents are both in their sixties, very active and in good health, and I’m in my early late thirties (to paraphrase Hedwig), I have reached a point where I’m becoming more aware of their aging and wondering for myself what that journey together will be like.  Will I move back to the United States to care for them?  What challenges and illnesses will they face?  And how will we make that journey together in a caring and graveful manner?

The thoughts that led to this post were prompted while I was listing to an interesting story on the subject from National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.  Click here for the link to the story.

Some of the other bloggers I read have written very eloquently on the subjects of aging parents and the loss of parents.  I wonder what my reflections will be when that time comes?

In the meantime, there is no reason to get so caught up in the future when there is a beautiful day starting.  There are loaves of bread and biscotti to bake, errands to run, and a general contractor to plead with and bully.  In short, it is a Saturday morning.