Skyline View of Bangkok

A week ago, a couple we know was in town from Chicago. They had a twenty-four hour layover on a cruise making its way from Singapore to Hong Kong. We met them for drinks at the rooftop bar on the Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel.

The hotel opened less than a year ago and is only a few blocks from our house. I had never been there but was amazed at how spectacular the views are – the roof affords a full 360-degree view of the city.


This first view is looking to the east and southeast along Sukhumvit Road. You can see the BTS Skytrain running along the road and Ekkamai station is just blocked by the red condo building, located between the Gateway Mall (also red) and the temple complex. That makes for an interesting contrast, no?

2014-03-05 6

This photo picks up from where the previous one leaves off, looking from the southeast to the west. You can see that we are actually not very far from the Chao Phraya River and the port area – if you look really closely, you can see their cruise ship docked. You will notice that the main part of the city is to the west, where the concentration of high rises is much denser.

2014-03-05 5

This picture continues from the far end of the bar in the previous picture. It looks from the west to the north and covers the entire Thong Lor neighborhood where I live. The BTS Skytrain station is on the left and you can see the line running into town along Sukhumvit Road. This neighborhood is more residential with lots of condominium towers, restaurants, and shops.

One thing that really amazes me about Bangkok, compared with many cities, is that there are high rise buildings all over the place with no real defined “centers” for the city. On one level, I think it makes the skyline a bit bland as there is no focal point. But at the same time, maybe being so spread out saves us from all having to commute to just one area. Who knows?


17 thoughts on “Skyline View of Bangkok

      • I still think the best locations to capture skylines are on top of a mountain. 🙂
        I’m from China. There are TOO many skyscrapers in China, eg: Fortune plaza office build is 853 foot tall, The Shanghai Tower is 2073 foot tall. I’m kind of sick of them.

  1. Interesting. I like the less centralized cities. Being among tall buildings that are all crowded together makes me nervous! If I had to go to Times Square…well, I wouldn’t.

      • Agree. Just that I notice this trend more in BKK than in other cities. But maybe I am wrong. Anyway … rooftop bars are nice. 😁

  2. Oh, nice views…. it’s interesting that when I look at the photos on my iPhone, there isnt’ a lot of detail (when I expand it). Yet, on my laptop I can see a lot more. I think the mobile app sends a lower resolution picture.

    I don’t know if the lack of a central downtown area is good or bad. Maybe it’s a reflection of the geography and some historical events? Maybe the good thing is that it evens out the load on transportation and stuff like water mains, sewers and electrical.

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