San Francisco Page Added

One of my joys at moving my blog to WordPress is the ability to build a proper website, organizing my years of blogging content into a coherent, navigable space. While there is a lot of work to be done, I took another step in the right direction this weekend by finally creating a page about San Francisco.

GG BridgeMy home town and a place I always enjoy returning to, San Francisco is a delightful city to visit. It is an especially good place to eat. In addition to listing some of the “must see” activities for visitors, I provide links to entries I’ve written about a dozen or so restaurants that are worth eating at.

If you are planning on visiting San Francisco or know someone who is, I hope this will be a valuable resource. Even if you aren’t, please stop by and provide your comments and feedback. The link to the page is here.

11 thoughts on “San Francisco Page Added

  1. I enjoy WordPress very much also and enjoy blogging here.
    I enjoyed your SF page very much and agree with you that is an amazing place.
    You and Tawn have a wonderful week that got her way to fast.
    I keep telling my adult sons someone needs to slow down the time.

    • Agreed – someone needs to slow down the time. I try to stop from time to time, catch my breath, and at least be conscious of the moment.

      And then I plunge back into the thick of things! =D

    • For some reason, I find the app to be clunky, though. Things like getting the picture to appear where I want, etc. Maybe I just need to spend more time with it.

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