Peacock in Bangkok

Last Saturday morning I stopped by my friend Doug’s house to borrow a waffle iron. Parking on the second floor of the car park, I looked past the edge of the building and was startled to see a peacock.

Approaching slowly so as not to startle it, I discovered that there was a corrugated roof covering the parking spaces on the ground floor. Strutting on this roof, pecking at the debris that had fallen from the adjacent trees, was this beautiful peacock.


I watched for a few minutes, transfixed by its beauty and curious as to where the bird had come from.

15 thoughts on “Peacock in Bangkok

  1. Nice to find beautiful surprises like that in places where you least expect it.
    Life is so full of beauty that often pops up when we least expect it.
    Have a good rest of the week.

  2. I didn”t see the peacock the first time I read this post and now I do.
    Beautiful coloring and very regal looking.

  3. Beautiful! Btw, that’s a peahen. 😛 Notice the absence of the tail? The peacocks (the male) have a long tail which it fans out during the mating dance.

  4. It rhymes! hahahaha…

    What startled me was not the peacock (peahen?) but the fact that you don’t have a waffle iron. I thought you had every cooking gadget out there. 😉

    I wonder if that bird escaped from someone’s backyard.

  5. You just reminded me of some peacocks I used to see in a neighborhood near my house! I need to drive by and see if they are still on those roof tops! 🙂 I can’t believe I’d forgotten about them!

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