Waffles and Fried Chicken

This past Saturday my friend Chow and I decided to tackle a combination I have heard a lot about but eaten only twice: fried chicken and waffles.

A classic of Southern US regional cuisine, the two go together better than I imagined. The waffles were light and tangy thanks to buttermilk and egg whites, which are folded in just before cooking.


To give the chicken an extra layer of flavor, Chow whipped up a sauce of hot green chilies, cilantro, lime, vinegar, and honey. The kick cut through the richness of the meal.

We also prepared a slaw of cabbage, beets, daikon, and carrots plus a salad of cucumbers, sour cream, and dill. All in all, a tasty Saturday night feast.

23 thoughts on “Waffles and Fried Chicken

  1. That’s “grits” beowulf222, y’all! Icky stuff, if you ask me, but lots of people eat it.
    I’ve heard a lot about waffles and fried chicken lately, but I doubt that I will try it. I think it’s just a trendy thing. I’ve never been crazy about waffles, anyway. It’s hard to get all the little holes filled with syrup!

  2. it’s been a long time since i had grits. i like the texture. similar to hot polenta. kinda reminds me of rice porridge. though rice porridge tend to be more flavorful.

  3. You sure live a grand life, if new foods are any indication of how you live the rest of your life! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to try waffles with fried chicken (probably in Los Angeles since that is close by to me) this year!

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