Pancakes with Ice Cream?

It must be a cultural thing. Saturday morning Tawn and I went to a local branch of the Australian chain The Coffee Club for breakfast. Since I had been really good all week, working out and eating well, I decided to treat myself with an order of pancakes. Now, I will admit that pancakes are not the healthiest breakfast out there. But I was not expecting this:

The stack of pancakes was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream. Add to that the syrup and it was a plate full of adult-onset diabetes as the way to start my day. Yikes!

I must say, though, that I like the little circle they cut in the top pancake of the stake, to better hold the scoop of ice cream. Thoughtful.

0 thoughts on “Pancakes with Ice Cream?

  1. I didn’t realise The Coffee Club was Australian – it just seemed to have an American vibe – except that I usually leave disappointed when I eat there on the odd occasion, so it can’t be American (this is not sarcasm, by the way.)

  2. Diet…I hear you…After eating my way through S.E Asia (you contributed the best meal in Thailand! better then the 5 star resorts so called star restuarants) I’ve put back on the 5 kilos I painstakingly lost through diet, exercise and heartache. But a treat once in awhile is okay..And it was a thoughtful surprise after all

  3. @snowjunky8 – You wouldn’t have enjoyed your holiday so much if you hadn’t had all those great taste experiences! =D@isitreal_no – @stepaside_loser – I think it is really funny that both of you thought that Coffee Club was American rather than Australian. It strikes me as what non-Americans might think an American breakfast place is like and isn’t nearly as good as some fantastic breakfast places I ate at in Melbourne.@Inciteful – If only I could restrain myself…@kunhuo42 – Honestly, most pancakes I eat are pretty disappointing. There is one place in SF that has good cakes but I think that’s because they’ve been using the same griddle for about 70 years and, like a good wok, it has that flavor that can only come from well-seasoned iron.@nov_way – Fresh fruit! Ideally, perfectly ripe peaches although juicy strawberries would be fine, too.@specialxplaces – Problem solved! Time to go get some pancakes and ice cream.@Emily_Rose_Dreams – I didn’t think to ask if they had chocolate… because I didn’t even realize they were going to serve them with ice cream! @chronic_masticator – If only you had been there to save me!@awoolham – Whipped cream is a lot less heavy and sweet than ice cream.@f5ye_angel5 – Oh, my…@CurryPuffy – Too much, I think.@maniacsicko – I’ll know what to order for you next time…@Fatcat723 – Too much for anyone, I should think!@SherryAngeLMysteriez – I’d have to add fasting to the dieting after a breakfast like that.

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