Green Shoots

Just hung up on my final conference call, the last thing I had to do for my job. That’s it, after more than thirteen years with the company, it is over. It is hard not to be a bit sad. There’s a lot I’ve invested in this company and definitely feel like many of the projects and people are my own children. Anyhow, it has come to an end and it is time to move on.

On another note, here’s a nice picture taken just after a heavy rain of some of the Hawaiian Currant tomatoes growing on my balcony. There are about three dozen fruit on the plant. Of the two plants that are currently flowering, this one is the more productive. Another few weeks and they should be ripe – I hope!

0 thoughts on “Green Shoots

  1. Nice! Here my garden are blanketed fully with thick snow, still. I hope spring come soon for I had enough of the cold, wet and muddy icy world out there. And our dog would not want to go out either. LOL

  2. Your tenacity in getting your garden to grow will, no doubt, translate to success in all the other areas of life. I’m hoping you get a delicious harvest of tomatoes and job prospects. (Job offers that allow you to “pick” and choose!)

  3. Sending wishes and good vibes for a new position of employment that will not only pay well, but that will be fulfilling also.Now those are some healthy looking tomatoes.  Looking forward to the photos of the ripe maters<:)

  4. my  sympathies.  my friend just got fired from her job of twenty years because of her age. she is a waitress and the new owner wants younger women in there to attrack customers. the union is giving her the run around.  makes you sick that they still get away with that.

  5. best wishes on the new life chapter chris 🙂 although, i can’t picture you being on the sidelines too long. in all the time I’ve read your site here on Xanga, i have this image of you as being quite the professional in a work setting. these days, i think having that quality will serve you better than if you had a mountain of technical certifications.

  6. hopefully a new job is on the not-so-distant horizon! also, glad to see that your tomatoes are doing well this year. it must be because your tomatoes are hawaiian =P

  7. @kunhuo42 – The Hawaiian Currant variety is definitely doing better than all the rest. It is a very bushy plant, though, and kind of overwhelming my balcony!@l0311879l – Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully I can find the right opportunity.@grannykaren – It amazes me that in this day and age they could do that!@amygwen – @SherryAngeLMysteriez – Since our balcony faces the south, the “winter” is the only time I get enough sunlight for tomatoes. Thankfully, our winter here is pretty warm.@rudyhou – Well, I sure hope so…@CurryPuffy – @Grannys_Place – Am just worried the squirrels (that strangely manage to find their way up to the fourth floor) will nibble on the fruit before I can harvest them.@murisopsis – Let’s hope for an agricultural metaphorical end to this job hunt.@ElusiveWords – @Fatcat723 – Well, thanks for the good wishes.

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