Really Lost in Translation

A good 70% of the residents of our condo are Thai.  Nonetheless, the company that serves as our building management, a division of Plus Property, usually does an effective job trying to accommodate those of us who are not native Thai speakers.  Within a day or two after notices are posted, an English translation will be taped up alongside.

Tawn and I are still scratching our heads about this one.  Unfortunately, the Thai version didn’t make much sense, either.



0 thoughts on “Really Lost in Translation

  1. I know what it is. They had a Russian guy temp’ing in the office, trying to write Thai; and then he fed it through Babelfish.At least the sign doesn’t say “Translate Server Error.”

  2. @choyshinglin – There is, of course, the website, which has a special section devoted to Chinglish signs.@WilldrawsRainbows – Or back to whatever his or her real job is supposed to be…@murisopsis – And with minimal hair, scalp irritation is a real possibility!  =D@TheLatinObserver – So rarely do I engage in these sorts of “Isn’t it bizarre” posts, but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.@CurryPuffy – Phut geng khrap.@Roadlesstaken – Do you?  Really?!  Please explain it to me, Alex.  Pleeeease!!!@chow@ireallylikefood – Now, THAT would have been really funny.@Justin_DeBin – @elelkewljay – @Dezinerdreams – @yang1815 – It is one of those situations where words really escape you, isn’t it?  Although it looks like all sorts of words were escaping the translator, too.@Redlegsix – Exactly, neither Thai nor English.@TheCheshireGrins – I spent some time trying to work out what it might mean.  My guess is that “Car Class G” might mean “Car Park, Ground Floor”.  I imagine that “refund” is meant to “pick up” or “receive”, so the overall message is that if you are the person who left a cloth bag in the ground floor or the car park, please come claim it at the building’s juristic management office.  That took me three days to figure out, though.@moptoplop – Indeed they do.@BabyBuddhist07 – Nope, live in Bangkok.  Just went on holiday in Phuket a few weekends ago.  What made you change your mind about living there?

  3. The message is intended just for Santa Claus who secretly lives in Thai in his off seasons. I bet he left his gift bag where his deers are. Since Santa also buys cheap toys in Thailand and not a resident, he can get his tax refund, a service extended only to Santa for his celebrity status by the building management! =P LOL

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