Stringing Power Lines

Tawn and I were eating lunch at S&P Restaurant up on the north end of Thong Lor a few Saturdays ago when we noticed a commotion in the trees across the street.  Who should emerge from the branches, crawling along the power lines, than a person?  Yes, this is how we string new power lines here in Thailand.


The worker actually pulled the cable along as it was being fed by two of his coworkers on the ground.  This is just one of those things that makes me roll my eyes, shake my head a bit, and say “Well, this is Thailand.”

Want to see a video showing some of the high-wire daredevil act set to the music of 1980s band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark?  If so, please click below.

Have a nice Sunday. 

0 thoughts on “Stringing Power Lines

  1. I cringe. As an occupational health and safety coordinator I see so much wrong with this that I’m sure to have bad dreams! I don’t suppose that they limit this work to men with terminal diseases and no family? I’m just glad this wouldn’t fly in the US.

  2. Similar fundamentals….as I was at one of the crocodile zoos in Thailand, the performer wears no protective clothing at all while putting his/hers arm or head into the crocodile’s mouth.

  3. what?! that’s insane! it’s a good thing he didn’t get shocked… squirrels occasionally get shocked on the power lines because the lines aren’t insulated.

  4. @Dezinerdreams – Hmm… I wonder… =P@kunhuo42 – Perhaps the power lines are higher and those are just phone and cable?@chow@ireallylikefood – You know, the first concert I ever went to was the Thompson Twins at the Oakland Colesium, with OMD as the opening act.@CurryPuffy – That’s part of the show, though.  This was just mundane, day-to-date craziness.@ElusiveWords – The reaction of someone who is being too farang.  LOL@murisopsis – @ZSA_MD – Had I asked, I’m sure they would have explained how it was perfectly safe!

  5. Hi Chris, usually I’ve seen them do it more professionally than this! 
    In a few years though, all those wires would be underground.. I think Thonglor is next on the list.  Right now they’re doing parts of Sukhumvit.

  6. @Poom – Really?  They’re going underground?  I would think the logistics of that would be tremendously difficult, given both the low elevation relative to the water table as well as the haphazard way with which new lines are added.  I certainly wouldn’t complain if they did get that project done.  It would make the city much more beautiful.

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