Heather’s Slightly Less Helpful Coworker

Dillon Sconce A little bit more about my Restoration Hardware sconce replacement shade project.  The friendly Heather sent me an email, providing the part number for the replacement and told me to call customer service at my convenience and any of the representatives could help.

So I called the toll-free number – which connects to a call center in Tracy, California – and got off to a bad start with the lady who answered.

After explaining what I wanted to do, the lady asked for my original order number.  What?  That was two years ago and 9,000 miles away.  I don’t remember my order number.  Instead of giving me a constructive response like, “Well, sir, why don’t I search for the order in the system… do you recall the address the order was shipped to?”

Instead of saying something like that, she told me that she couldn’t place a replacement parts order without the original order number and then left us hanging in silence.  “What should I do next?” I thought.  My exasperation started to show when I explained the two years and 9,000 miles situation, and she finally remembered her customer service training and asked for my address so she could search for the order.

From that point out, she was actually helpful and friendly enough.  But in the end, even though the part number that Heather gave me is in the system, it shows a zero quantity in inventory, so this lady couldn’t place the order.  After 24 minutes on the phone, the conclusion was that she has filled out some sort of a request for replacement parts that goes to up the decision-making chain.  Supposedly someone will get back to me.

This is kind of an up-and-down saga.  At first, RH was doing a pretty good job in customer service.  Now it has taken a turn for the worse.  We’ll see how it concludes.


0 thoughts on “Heather’s Slightly Less Helpful Coworker

  1. Frustrating! Maybe the slightly less helpful version of Heather needs more fiber in her diet. I hear that many disagreeable people are either wearing shoes too small or need more fiber. lol Hope they are able to find the shades.

  2. @Jillycarmel – From the standpoint of working in it or having to deal with these types of workers?@iso_whiteSnow – I did consider that if things don’t get sorted out, I’m going to email Heather back and see if she can help.  Follow through!@Wangium – There are some of us (me, too) who seem to lack that gene.  I prefer to think of us as stereotype busters.@brooklyn2028 – And she should be thankful her job hasn’t been outsourced to some other country!  With attitude like that, I’d be looking for a less expensive alternative.@murisopsis – That’s funny, Val!@yang1815 – Not like that IKEA up in Minneapolis, right?@Dezinerdreams – You just KNOW that’s going to happen, though…@TheCheshireGrins – @ZSA_MD – @bendecida83 – Thanks.  I’m sure there will be some resolution.  It may just take a while to get there.

  3. @piyapong –  Thanks for the nice offer. As near as I can tell, they don’t keep the glass shades as a replacement part and they probably are opening an actual set of the sconces and removing the shade in order to scavenge the spare part. That’s the only reason I could think of that each time I call, ordering a spate is such a pain. @Jillycarmel –  Oh yes you do – that’s one field where I’m sure you see the most “interesting” sides of people.

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