Heather from Restoration Hardware

I am getting a message that the photo module is unavailable right now, so I guess this will be a picture-less entry!  As a pleasant break in our rainy season weather, the nights have been cool and breezy.  I woke up very early this morning – about 4:30 – thanks to noise from the rubbish collectors outside.  Despite the breezy, 80-degree weather (which is what I mean by “cool”), they were banging rubbish bin lids, sorting glass bottles into sacks, and generally making too much noise.

A few minutes later, just as I had rolled over and started to fall asleep again, my phone rang, a forwarded call from my US number. 

“Hello, this is Heather from Restoration Hardware…”

When we did the remodel of this unit two years ago, we couldn’t find sconces that we liked for a reasonable price here in Thailand.  Restoration Hardware in the U.S. was having a sale so we bought some Dillon single sconces and packed them back.  This ended up being a long and complicated process and we wound up spending as much on shipping costs as we saved by buying in the U.S.

To top it off, the frosted glass shades that come with the sconces are a bit fragile.  We’ve broken two so far, although the first one was damaged in transit.  The last time I contacted Restoration Hardware to order a replacement shade, the one I ended up receiving was the wrong color.  I called again this week and the friendly agent took down my information and said someone would contact me and let me know the status within 48 hours.

True to his word, I did receive a call within 48 hours.  Despite my asking that he include a note that I prefer to be contacted by email since I’m overseas on business, I still received Heather’s perky call at 4:45 or so.

Heather asked for some more information and said the search for the spare shades was still on.  She also promised to make multiple notes on the form so that I wouldn’t receive a call again in the middle of the night.

I appreciate that they are following up as promised, though.


Edit: Just checked my email and there is a message from Heather.  She’s located the spare part number for the shades.  I also realized that my blurry memory was wrong, as I had initially referred to her in this entry as Katie.


0 thoughts on “Heather from Restoration Hardware

  1. OH dear…I would NOT have been very pleasant if they had called ME at that time of morning!!! You are a much nicer person than I am…lol

  2. Chris, there are a number of RH stores in LA. I just passed by the one in Century City a couple of weeks ago, maybe that store got your scones?

  3. I know about getting calls at 4:45 or 1:00 AM or 2:00AM, or any other hour in the middle of the night. Yes sometimes the calls were not as important as the caller thought they were. Oh well. Sorry Heather disturbed your sleep. Hopefully you were able to get back to sleep.

  4. @Redlegsix – No, I’m not really any nicer.  I just fake it!  =)@Jillycarmel – To my half-asleep ears, they sure do sound alike.@TheCheshireGrins – If Tawn had his way, everything in the house would have been bought at RH and shipped over.  Thankfully, only the sconces and some drawer hardware were.@curry69curry – They probably have my sconces, but not the glass shades.  Sadly, the design isn’t so great and the glass is pretty fragile.  I’m ordering a replacement as well as a spare, in case we have another break.@Dezinerdreams – @stebow – Well, in this case I had left my info and they were searching an answer to my query, so I can’t be too upset that they got back to me.  At least there is good follow-through.@iso_whiteSnow – Yes, she was helpful.  But then I got on the phone with one of her colleagues this morning (this evening my time, I guess) and spent 24 minutes trying to locate the part for which Heather gave me the number.  It is showing zero in-stock!@yang1815 – How do you survive with only a Nebraska Furniture Mart?@ElusiveWords – Every time the phone rings in the middle of the night, that is the thought that goes through my mind.  Thankfully, it is usually someone from work who hasn’t looked at my address and noticed that I’m not in North America.

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