They’re Coming to America

In the past few weeks, traffic on my blog has surged.  Ever since writing about the murder of family friends in Cole Camp, Missouri last month, my daily traffic has increased from an average of about 95 to about 140 unique visitors.  Lots of new people are leaving comments and I feel bad that I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know everyone, or for them to get to know me, very well.

In the four years since I started blogging (well, very close – the uninspiring first entry was August 4, 2005), I’ve slowly built a community of readers, coming to know people and to consider them important in my life.  Since that process was slow, I felt like it worked both ways.  As people started reading, subscribing to and commenting on my blog, it was easy to find time to visit their blog and do the same.  I feel like it is harder to do that as regularly as I would like to with all the new readers.

So to all of you who have recently arrived, welcome.  I’ll get around to visiting your blogs and building those connections in the weeks and months to come.  Meanwhile, I’ll also try to share a bit more about me.  I realize that when we read others’ blogs, we slowly build up a history, an understanding of who they are based on what they share with us.  As Matt wrote recently, it is interesting to go back and read the blogs in people’s archives, to see the path they’ve traveled.


In relation to this entry’s title, I’m less than two weeks away from my next trip back to the U.S.  This will be my longest trip back since moving here to Krungthep – something like 26 days including travel time. 

It will start out in Los Angeles, both for work and pleasure.  Hoping to meet with some Xanga friends there.  I’ll continue to Kansas City to visit family.  Tawn will join me in KC about ten days after I arrive in the US.  It looks like there will be a mini Xanga meet in Quincy, IL with Zakiah.  After corresponding with her for so long, it will be nice to finally meet in person.  (Meg, Judi, Matt, et al – ready to join me?)

Our trip to the US will conclude with several days in New York City, a chance to visit family and friends and, for Tawn, to stroll the streets of Carrie Bradshaw.

The real reason for the trip, though, is that we’re getting married.  We’ll bring a few carloads of family and a few friends up to Iowa and finally make this nearly ten-year realtionship legal.  I’ll write more about that as the date gets closer.

So much to do beforehand…


0 thoughts on “They’re Coming to America

  1. Oh wow! Congrats on getting married – oh gosh, this is great news! Hugs to both you and Tawn. When you meet Zakiah – I hope you’ll make one of your famous video blogs. btw – did you know one of your entries is on Xanga’s front page?

  2. Congrats from me ,too. That is great. As one of your newer readers I was wondering if you are a professional writer? If you’re ever in Texas call me.

  3. @ElusiveWords – Matt, thanks.  Rest assured, The Trip to Quincy (or whatever snappy title I come up with) will be well-documented.  As for the front page, yes.  They now send a message asking for your permission.  I’ve had a few entires also on the food-related and the travel-related sites.@Jillycarmel – Thanks, Jill.  I do write as part of my job, but not in the way that I would consider myself a professional writer.  I appreciate the kind words, though.  Texas is a big state!  Any particular corner?  =)@Wangium – Thanks, Jason.  I appreciate it.  Now you have something to look forward to: life as an old gay couple!  See?  Being old ain’t so bad.  LOL

  4. OH my goodness….I didn’t know that there was a wedding as part of the trip!!! How exciting!! Where will you be tying the knot??? I do hope that we can get together sometime on one of your trips back to Kansas City…if not this time…hopefully sometime in the future!!! Congratulations to both of you…I will look forward to reading all about the wedding plans!!! Ruth Ann

  5. Just from the title of your blog entry, I now have that Neil Diamond song running through my head, THANKS A LOT Chris! Getting married in Iowa? If you’re ever visiting your parents in Indy, stop by the Evansville (otherwise known as E-ville in southern IN) and come see us!

  6. Pre-congratulations to you and Tawn! How nice it will be to be able to have your family attend the wedding :)I agree with ElusiveWords. I believe that a video blog is in order when you visit Zakiah. I so wish I could be there but unfortunately between visiting family in CO in two weeks and going to Boston my travel funds are tapped out. Maybe you guys can just have fun in my place, deal?

  7. I am so excited about your coming here. I am working out the details of the probable visit to Iowa for the wedding. Driving six hours there is a daunting task for me, unless M agrees to accompany me, but the guy is married to golf, so I KNOW what he will say. I will keep trying though. Meanwhile I am planning to have a marvelous time with you. Wish more of the readers could join us here. Hey MATTTTTT! are you listening? Too bad Meg cannot come. I would love to see her and Judi. 

  8. @Redlegsix – Thanks, Ruth Ann.  Would certainly like to meet up, although this trip may be quite busy.  I already feel like I’ve triple-booked every day of it!@euphorie – Tiffany, you and Dave will have a much more fabulous wedding, no doubt!@yang1815 – That was the surprise part of the story, Andy!@tdaojensen – Thank you – the funny thing is that since my sister and her family (plus grandparents and some aunts and uncles) are in KC, my parents always go over there to see us.  It has been probably six or more years since my last trip to Indy.  If I do get there, though, I’ll be sure to stop by.@TheLatinObserver – Thank you.  NY is looking to be a whirlwind four days.  Do you know Aaron, Tae, Nicky, Oates and that NY Xanga crowd?@Dezinerdreams – Thanks, Vivek.@icebladz – LA is always a fun place to visit.  Sadly, the majority of the trip will be work!@TheCheshireGrins – Video blog and lots and lots of pics – check.@ZSA_MD – Zakiah, I’m looking forward to the visit, too.  Seriously, though, maybe the following time I’m in the states we should try to organize a get-together and invite others, too.@stevew918 – Thanks, Steve.@murisopsis – Thank you.  The good news is, this is a very simple civil service – almost like eloping but with fifteen family members in tow – so the level of planning is pretty low.@Rm2046 – Thanks!  Glad I could be your first.  LOL@RedStarr5 – Thank you.  I’ll be sure to document this one better than our commitment ceremony five years ago, in which the pictures all turned out blurry.

  9. Can’t wait to see you for the first time! And congratulations, what an amazing moment it will be to legalize the relationship for all to see! We’ll have to drink to that! :o)

  10. Hi Chris and Tawn,Congratulations to both of you and we are very happy to know the days are drawing closer to your tying the knots. Will be thinking of you while we are in Shanghai and Hangzhou.Have a great time and don’t forget to share with us your wedding photosSusan and James

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