Pretty Paradox

On Thong Lor Road, a street that is considered one of Bangkok’s more upscale shopping and nightlife districts, I regularly see a Hummer parked in front of a particular clothing shop. Never mind that the only vehicle more poorly suited for the crowded streets of Bangkok is a dump truck, this Hummer catches my attention because it is bright pink.

While I don’t care much for Hummers, I do appreciate that this one defies expectations, a big brawny car in a color more often associated with femininity and softness. Of course, here in Thailand, those sort of cultural presumptions are often knocked on their ear.


0 thoughts on “Pretty Paradox

  1. ive seen that pink truck here as well. i have to admit though, that colour looks better on that particular model than any of the other cars I’ve seen it on.

  2. Bubble-gum pink truck: something to keep that trip on the road interesting. =)I wonder if the driver is a teenager or not, though. Then it would make even more sense for having it painted in that colour.

  3. That’ll sure make a scene, especially when stuck amongst those colourful taxi cabs in the traffic streets! I wonder who’s driving this hummer?

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