Back from Taipei

Was in Taipei for a long weekend to attend the wedding banquet for Andy (yang1815) and Sugi. They were married in a beautiful ceremony on Maui last spring and now, a year later, they flew to Andy’s hometown of Taipei to hold the traditional Chinese wedding banquet for his side of the family.

Andy and Sugi flew into Bangkok two weekends ago for a short visit and then we flew over to see them (and their families) this past weekend. I have pictures to share and will try to get them posted soon. As you have probably guessed from my less-frequent blogging, life has become quite busy for me. 

0 thoughts on “Back from Taipei

  1. @KevEats – Yes, he has been tremendously busy so hasn’t been blogging.@Inciteful – @murisopsis –  @CurryPuffy – Yes, wish I could say “busy” equals “employment offer” but not yet. Instead, just a lot of freelance work and a two-month long process of interviews at a company I’d like to work for.@Devilzgaysianboi – Hard to not be happy in a bow tie.@ElusiveWords – Tawn censors those photos.@ungrandvoyage – Posted in the subsequent entry which is up now.@stepaside_loser – We’ve been fortunate that way.@Fatcat723 – Yes, I feel very fortunate.@Grannys_Place – Thank you!

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