Thorough Bread and Pastry – San Francisco

Our trip to Kansas City for my grandparents’ 70th anniversary lasted just three days. Bright and early Monday morning (after an 80-minute mechanical delay), we were on our way to San Francisco for a few additional days of rest and relaxation before returning to Bangkok. Arriving late in the morning, we headed around the corner from our friend Anita’s house (where we were staying) to a newer bakery we hadn’t yet tried, the cleverly named Thorough Bread and Pastry.

The bakery is housed in the space formerly used by Just Desserts. It has a lovely brick wall and an open ceiling (which you can’t see in this picture). Lots of light comes in from busy Church Street, making it an inviting and warm place to stop for a while.

The selection of baked goods is wide and all of them look tasty. We arrived late in the morning so some items were down to just a handful of remaining pieces.

In addition to pastries, Thorough Bread and Pastry lives up to the “bread” part of its name. The baguettes were beautiful and the olive and sourdough loaves had me want to go on a carbohydrate binge.

For snacks with our coffee, I selected a cinnamon roll. Upon request, the bakers will put you food into the oven for a few minutes to reheat it. Of course, that is a must with a cinnamon roll because you want the topping to be just a gooey and molten as possible.

Tawn opted for an almond croissant, which tasted plenty good even if it wasn’t the most beautiful croissant in the world. That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to try my hand at croissant making again, just as soon as this crazy hot season eases off a bit and I can actually cool my kitchen to a workable temperature.

Feeling the need for something passing as healthful, Anita oped for the quiche, which was also very nice. With lots of fresh vegetables, you could almost forget the loads of fat.

In the past several years, there has been an explosion of artisinal, small-shop bakeries and patisseries. From Tartine to Craftsman & Wolves to Thorough Bread, San Franciscans are spoiled with many fine choices for baked goods. It is something we miss about living in the City and I am glad there is yet another place to visit when we are next in town.


0 thoughts on “Thorough Bread and Pastry – San Francisco

  1. AH love the bakeries. We have two here and got to get there early to get the fresh pastries and bread. It closes @noon since it is usually sold out by then. The items here made me run out now to the bakery.

  2. Ah this looks so good. Wish we have shops like that around here. All we have is panera or St. Louis bread company as they are known here, which is still good but variety will add more spice to my life.

  3. I think I’m going to carve up the whole grain oval I bought Sunday… This has me drooling. I will have to refrain from reading your posts before a meal!!

  4. @ElusiveWords – Yeah, that’s the definition of “moderation”! Ha ha!@murisopsis – @murisopsis – @GoneRetired – @Inciteful – Across the xangasphere, dozens of people read this post and then go gorge themselves on bread…@M_1 – You sure are. You know, I keep forgetting you are in the Bay Area.@awoolham – Yeah, Panera is okay especially for their bread. Pastries, though?@Fatcat723 – Your bakery closes at noon? How is that possible? A baguette that is out of the oven before noon won’t be fresh for dinner! Alors!

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