A Pair of Bridges at Night

Thought I would conclude the week with a pair of beautiful nighttime shots showing two different bridges here in Bangkok.


This is the pedestrian bridge at the intersection of Narathiwat and Sathorn roads. The tall building is the Sathorn Square Office Tower, which opened just recently. The shorter building on the left is the soon-to-open W Hotel Bangkok.


This is the Rama VIII Bridge across the Chao Phraya River. This single pylon, cable-stayed bridge is two and a half kilometers long and will be celebrating its tenth anniversary next month. It is a beautiful bridge.


0 thoughts on “A Pair of Bridges at Night

  1. Beautiful bridges. So much change in the last twenty or twenty five years since I visited that place. The bridges are majestic, especially the Rama VIII.

  2. @Inciteful – Narathiwat = “Na-ra-ti-wat”, Sathorn = “Saa-torn”, Rama = “Ra-ma”, Chao Phraya = “Chow Prai-ya”.@ZSA_MD – @oxyGENE_08 – Very true. In the past few decades, Bangkok has really grown up as a world class city with some beautiful architecture. I suspect all the capitals of ASEAN will follow the same path eventually.@vinimanilli – So glad you enjoyed your visit here.@Passionflwr86 – Bridges of Bangkok – the new calendar! =D@murisopsis – Well, so often we are more concerned with cost and don’t consider the value of beauty. Not like the days of great public works back in the 30s when the Golden Gate bridge and other wonderful projects were completed.@Fatcat723 – @Kris0logy – Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Loved these shots…interesting lighting on the pedestrian bridge. The Chao Phraya bridge is just a beautiful structure, but the play of light add to the interest. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The first time I ever enjoy Cincinnati, my hometown, was when I walked across the bridge and saw how beautiful it was from the other side of the river, in Kentucky. Bridges are amazing.

  5. Wow — those are really beautiful bridges.  They are replacing bridges here — some to widen freeways, and some for earthquake protection — and the lines seem to be very sleek, though not as beautiful as these two.

  6. @Devilzgaysianboi – The Bay Area has its share of nice architecture, doesn’t it? @rudyhou – The Rama VIII bridge is nearly a decade old but is a bit further up the river than most tourists go. The pedestrian bridge at Sathorn opened less than a year ago so you definitely didn’t see it before.@slmret – There’s a bicycle/pedestrian bridge that crosses the I-80 freeway in Berkeley that is only a few years old and is really pretty. Seems like engineers make at least some effort to consider form as well as function.@armnatmom – The city has changed a lot in recent years.@making_a_comeback_05 – @Grannys_Place – @mizz_chan – @MillySonka – @stepaside_loser – Glad you enjoyed them.@secade – That says a lot, doesn’t it? The importance of crossing to the other side to get a better perspective and appreciation on where we are. 

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