Do you know what this is?

It was at a pretty nice riverside seafood restaurant here in Bangkok that I saw the following. It wasn’t until I read the sign that I knew what it was. What do you think it is for?


That’s right, it is a special sink/toilet just for throwing up. Why they would need this at a nice restaurant is completely beyond me. Maybe at a bar it would make sense, but here?

In case you are curious, it is in the same area as the urinals – not partitioned off like the regular toilets.


0 thoughts on “Do you know what this is?

  1. Probably a few people got really sick from the seafood? Or the food is too good and ate too much, need to throw up afterwards? I’d be very curious if they have the same thing installed in the ladies room?

  2. I thought it was some sort of a bidet! But I would need some handles and a stool of some sort to rest my knees on if I have to throw up. But how disgusting to have it in a good restaurant. So they expect their clients to may be go puke after eating? Bleh!

  3. @ElusiveWords – @ZSA_MD – @Wangium – Handles, kneepads – there definitely are ways the design could be improved. It is at a height, though, that seems reasonably convenient if you are in a rush.@jillcarmel – @beowulf222 – @CurryPuffy – @ohellino – It is indeed strange. The restaurant is very clean and has a sterling reputation, so I can’t imagine that their food induces sickness. Maybe it is installed more as a joke? Perhaps the owner also owns a toilet bowl company and wanted to show off their design prowess?@Inciteful – I swear, I don’t try to find offbeat things. I just happen upon them!@lil_squirrel4ever – @Randy7777 – Yeah, gross and weird and wouldn’t you know, this entry has received more views and comments more quickly than any other in several months. Lowest common denominator, huh? @agmhkg – Perhaps it has already proven practical!@LadyboyRevolution – Have lived here almost seven years.@iskrak – Indeed, just like the Romans!@nicolemcw – It sets the city apart, for sure.@LastStopCrazyTown – @Fatcat723 – @Grannys_Place – You really do have to admire the cleanliness. I mean, if I were feeling ill, that would be a nice facility to use. Not much privacy, but other than that…@Kellsbella – It would seem that someone has already stolen your business idea!@stepaside_loser – Why do you think that?

  4. it reminded me of a bidet. when i was traveling in europe and especially in france they were everywhere in every hotel room. i never liked them. on the other hand better a puke bowl then in the sink or the urinal. was there a stool for bms in there also?

  5. guess the restaurant has been known to get many customers who get sick over the food they ate there. i’d stay away from that establishment if i were you.

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