Breakfast or Dessert?

Recently had brunch at Gastro 1/6, a small cafe at the RMA Institute deep in Sukhumvit Soi 22. When I ordered the following, they asked if I wanted a scoop of ice cream with it.


I guess I thought of French toast with fresh fruit as more of a breakfast dish than a dessert, but when the fruit is this sweet and it is drizzled with maple syrup, I guess it isn’t that far from a dessert, is it?


0 thoughts on “Breakfast or Dessert?

  1. Interesting collection of fruits. Don’t know about ice cream but maybe some heavy cream – well I think I would prefer it as is for breakfast and dessert.

  2. Breakfast sometimes means breaking your fast. So technically when it has been a while before eating you are getting a meal that is the first in a long while.Joe San in Cantonese means good morning. A morning meal is what most people mean by breakfast. Even a dessert being served in the morning will technically be breakfast.If you served ice cream that would push your meal into the dessert category. However some folks would call it a celebration if ice cream and cake is served. Since you didn’t order ice cream even though it was offered you wanted to push what looks like a dessert into the breakfast category.Another interesting detour is if someone served tea at the same time. Then for the British they would push this meal into the tea time category. So many cultures and so many inferences.

  3. think of donuts, cinnamon buns, muffins, scones, pancakes, etc. aren’t they all pretty much desserts made to be taken as breakfast? the only proper breakfast that can’t be made into dessert is cereal. well, then again, there’s granola with yogurt. that’s cereal on top of fermented milk. often topped with honey or jam. hmm… so cereal CAN be made into a dessert after all. ok, i’ll shut up now.

  4. @Grannys_Place – Thanks for the rec. Watermelon and waffles sounds like a good combination.@rudyhou – So at the end of the day, it is all pretty much dessert. Except for the oatmeal I eat. Or jok.@murisopsis – Maybe I could have, but the setting is a nice one so more fun to let them do the work.@PPhilip – Okay, I follow your logic there…@Inciteful – But if you have it with iced coffee, what then?@Roadkill_Spatula – Actually, mango, lychee, kiwi and two types of dragonfruit.@armnatmom – White and purple fruit with small black dots are dragonfruit. The other white fruit is lychee.@sassyjessie – Another variety of dragonfruit.@Wangium – Let me get an “Amen!”@Fatcat723 – True, ice cream was really an unnecessary addition regardless of what you would call it.@oxyGENE_08 – @beowulf222 – Yes, despite many people telling me how wonderful dragonfruit is, I’ve never had one that blew me away.@fauquet – It was certainly abundant.@beowulf222 – Will have to modify your diet then, huh?@Want2FitIn2Fat2Fit – Dragonfruit, as is the purple fruit with black dots.@secade – @ZSA_MD – @slmret – @nov_way – It certainly tasted nice!@LadyofWaters – I scream, you scream, we all scream for…

  5. @rudyhou – Actually, I do make homemade granola, too, although Tawn is the main eater of it. I prefer my oatmeal. With dried fruit added to it, and the right amount of water, I don’t let it get slimy and thick.

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