I found a few pictures of one of my Chianti tomatoes.  Went ahead and added it to the previous entry about the balcony garden but didn’t want to time-stamp it.


This tomato was pretty small, although really nice and ripe.  Shown here with some Italian basil and Italian parsley I’m also growing.


Turning the tomato over, though, you can see the result of the blossom rot.  Thankfully, this was only superficial damage.  I sliced this section off and the rest of the fruit was good to eat.


0 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. I love fresh tomatoes – learned as a youngster to have tomato sandwiches for a meal. Homemade bread and home grown tomatoes. A feast for a youngster and something I still eat on occasion.

  2. yum, looks delicious! maybe i should try planting some tomatoes this spring… hmm… the problem is i hear the rats love to eat them so i would have to really keep a good eye on my plants!

  3. @rudyhou – Now all I need to do is to make some more homemade mozzarella cheese and I have a Caprese salad all ready to go!@ZSA_MD – @decembriel – Sweet and juicy, the way tomatoes rarely are here in Thailand.@kunhuo42 – Actually, a squirrel somehow made his way up to my balcony and nibbled on one eggplant and one tomato.  D’oh!  That said, tomatoes are well worth growing.@murisopsis – Honesty is always the best policy.@stepaside_loser – They are a great combination. I love the idea that the things growing in my garden go well when cooked together.@Fatcat723 – Homemade bread and homegrown tomatoes make for a fantastic sandwich.  Add some bacon and lettuce and you’re really onto something!@ElusiveWords – Growing up, I always thought the expression “you can taste the freshness” was just marketing.  In truth, though, you really can tell the difference when you are eating something that has been harvested very recently.  

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