Wine from Work

A few weeks back the Thai Red Cross held their annual Diplomatic Fair in which embassies and consulates in Bangkok sell items imported duty-free from their home countries, with the proceeds going to the Red Cross.  Most of my purchases were wines imported by the US embassy, offered at about a 30% discount of normal retail prices thanks to the absence of a duty.


I was especially tickled, though, when I found this wine for sale at the Hungary booth.  IKON wine.  This is funny because that’s the company I work for, IKON Office Solutions.  Who knew we had a namesake wine?  For the record, this was a very nice, medium-dry rose.

0 thoughts on “Wine from Work

  1. I wish that I had more of a taste for wine…the only one that I can honestly say that I will always like is Zinfandel….Red Wines leave me cold…to bitter for my taste…we have a dozen bottles of wine from our travels and when we open them I usually take a couple of sips and that is it. Enjoy your duty free finds!! Ruth Ann

  2. Ooh next time i go to the Napa area i’ll send you and P’ Tawn a present. Sorry no macaroons from Bouchon though. Those won’t make it through the mail or even back to the east bay in my car. :]

  3. @ZSA_MD – Oh, we actually consumed it already!  =D@piyapong – Oh, and the macarons were what I had my heart set on.  =P@Redlegsix – Well, I have similar feelings to beer and whisky, so I guess everyone has their own tastes…@murisopsis – Actually, I considered getting some extra bottles as gifts for coworkers.  The trouble is how to ship them back to the US.@ElusiveWords – Xangawine…@CurryPuffy – Yes, I think the discount is enough to get me drinking again…

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